WR60 FALL 2011

Jane Thielsen, MA

Central Oregon Community College


I. Course Documents, Guides, Notes and Exercises

  1. MLA format for papers
  2. youtube demo of paper format
  3. video demo of making a thesis
  4. Jane's Resource Page
  5. Journal Writing     
  6. Response Writing Guide
  7. Key to Marks on Papers
  8. Process Writing Guide
  9. Editing Form
  10. Loop Exercise
  11. On Brainstorming
  12. Notes on Narration
  13. Notes on Story
  14. Story Chart  (as .rtf & openoffice)
  15. Notes on Description
  16. Notes on Structure--Full circle Writing
  17. About Reflective Writing
  18. Tiered Notes Page (as .rtf & openoffice)
  21. Sample basic Paper outline
 II. Grammar and Words
  1. CCC Writing/Grammar Gd.
  2. CCC list of topics
  3. OWL Writing Guide
  4. Dictionary/Thesaurus
  5. Word Roots web site
  6. Decoding English--Latin prefix/roots list
  7. Glossary Form (doc)
  8. Vocabulary.com
  9. Vocabulary Workshop
  10. English Language Roots
  11. About Pronouns: Tricksters in Finding the Components of a Sentence
  12.  More on Pronouns.
  13.  HELP for sentence errors
  14. Sentence Diagramming
  15.  OWL on the Paragraph
  16. Color-Coded Parts of a Paragraph
  17. Paragraph transitions (video)

   III. Research Guides

  1. Research COCC Library
  2. COCC Library tutorials | ASP tutorial
  3. Google Scholar
  4. Google Books Online
  5. Evaluating websites tutorial
  6. Integrating evidence from sources
  7. Exercise to avoid plaigarism
  8. MLA Tutorial animation --(excellent)
  9. youtube citing tutorial
  10. youtube demo of paper formatincl.works citing
  11. Tutorial: Boolean searching
  13. askoxford.com
  14. Online Etymology Dictionary
  15. Etymological abbreviations
  16. Dictionary/Thesaurus
  17. Britannica Online
  18. Wikipedia
  19. RefDesk
  20. Sayings and Quotes   

OnlineDocumentaries  | TopDocumentatries (all free) to demonstrate theme, explanation, example and authoritative evidence (in video).


Examples for Essay 1 --- Personal Narration:

   Short Story Examples of Narrative/Descriptive Writing

  1. The Man to Send Rain Clouds
  2. The Open Window
  3. Why I Live At the P.O.
  4. The Story of an Hour | Willa Cather on Kate Chopin

   Essays -- examples of E1 (narrative/descriptive/reflective)

  1. Canine Programs
  2. Likeness
  3. Listening 
  4. Island
  5. Picking Cotton1 | Picking Cotton 2
excerpts for examples of E2, (but w/o MLA citing)

Elements of Expository Writing

  1. A Definition of Pantomime, by Julian Barnes
  2. Hot Hands, by Stephen Jay Gould
  3. Process Analysis in Barry Lopez's "Migration"
  4. Jessica Mitford on the Embalmer's Art
  5. Contrast in Rybczynski's "Home"
  6. Process Analysis in Richard Selzer's "The Knife"
  7. Examples in Frank Trippett's "Loaded Words"
  8. Barbara Tuchman's Historical Narrative: The Black Death

 E3 (doc. position)  To Model Documented Position Papers


Starting Writing, Reading and Topic Resources

   The Oregon Trail

  1. Introduction to the Oregon Trail
  2. End of the OT Center
  3. National Park Service on OT
  4. Oregon Pioneers
  5. OT Map 1843
  6. AV of OT
  7. AV excerpts of OT Diaries 
  8. Oregon Historical quarterly 1901with NY Tribune re-prints of mid-1800s Oregon
  9. The Oregon Trail--Parkman (whole book)
  10. Oregon Trail - Global Game Network

   First Peoples--Oregon and Beyond

  1. Klamath trails
  2. NW Indian fisheries
  3. Modoc/Klamath and links to NW tribes
  4. NA of PNW--Library of Congress
  5. AV--Wisdom of the Elders
  6. AV-- WisdomKeepers
  7. The Lushootseed Peoples of Puget Sound Country--stories/traditions
  8. Coyote spreads Salmon--Tale

 Oregon Lifestyle Issues, Landscape and Pre-history

  1. Issues in Oregon lifestyle--OSU
  2. Missoula Floods
  3. The Land We See
  4. USGS on Oregon Volcanos
  5. NA stories of Cascade Earth Changes

     General History/Multi-cultural Issues

  1. Oregon Encyclopedia Project
  2. Oregon History Project -- OHS
  3. Cultural Crossroads
  4. Peoples of Oregon & Racism
  5. The Klan in Oregon
  6. Oregon Blue Book Multi-cultural History
  7. Oregon Range Wars

FOR E3 --Topics & Resources | ProCon topics | more topics

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