Fall 2022


PRI 114 CRN 45521 12:15pm-2:35pm

45521 Syllabus

Bend MAZ 0205 CRN 43255 5:45pm-7:35pm

43255 Syllabus


Assignments both classes 

Jane Thielsen M.A.I.S.    jthielsen@cocc.edu



1. MLA class template basic

2. Dictionary/Thesaurus

3. Online Writing Lab.= OWL  handbook

4. UNC Writing Lab handouts

5. Writing Commons– free online resource

6. Topic Exploration Form

7. Two-Part Response |  2-part response template

8. Basic Essay and Position Paper Guide 

9. Citation MakersCitation Producer | Citation Machine | Citation Builder |

10. Basic MLA8 source listing information

11. COCC online databases

12. Word Roots Prefix/Suffix chart  Etymology Dictionary

1.  Notes on Responses

2.  Notes on Giving Credit

3. Notes on Integrating Evidence

4. Notes on Narration

5. Notes on Description

6. Notes on Story

7. Notes on Reflection

8. Notes on Expository

9. Notes on Definition

10.  Notes on Analysis Essay

11. Notes on Persuasion/Reasoning

12. Notes on Argument

13. Notes on Collage and Full Circle Writing 

Essay 1: ANALYSYS of a story or essay EXAMPLES to choose from for E1

NOTES for E1: Literary Analysis Essay

1. How to read and write about a a text

2. More about structuring analysis

3. Conventions of Literary Analysis

4. Norton LitWeb-writing about literature  

5. Writing Commons- “Literary Analysis



1. Atwood Canadian family living in their car in WWII

2. Bronowski- "Likenesses"

3. Berger - "Summer in the Alps" (collage essay)

4. Bronte-e.g. lit. analysis of Emily Bronte's work

5. Dillard,"My Father" | "Lenses" | “night-fright"

6. Carver,"My Father" & 5 videos of Carver’s life

7. Chopin story | Lit. analysis of Chopin's "Story of an Hour"

8. Ehrlich-"Island" ♦  Ehrlich-"Lost Dog"

9. Goldberg: "Listening"  A Secret of Writing

10. Hughes--"Salvation"

11. Peterson--"ShadowPeople"

12. Silko-"The Man to Send Rain Clouds" | Silko on Native American story 

13. Flash Fiction | Free to Choose| Blank Space | Knives... | Heartwood

ESSAY 2: DEFINITION / Expository


Notes E2: on writing about/explaining a concept

1. On the Definition Essay and an example | Definition Essay HOW-TO

2. Notes on informing/explaining--story OED word stories  ♦  ...excerpt from OED

3. Thomas Paine on the Meaning of the Word "Religion" more e.g. of writing about a word/concept

4. About word histories, definitions...

5. English Language Roots

6. Word Roots

7. Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

8. Babylon Latin Resource

9. Word Roots |  Prefix/Suffix chart | Etymology Dictionary

10. The Devil's Dictionary--word humor

11. Proverb search site--for titles/epigraphs

12. Words in English site--Rice.edu

13. Word Origins site-blog to search

14. OED--Search Dictionary link

15. WordsMadeSimple--writing and researching help

16. YOUTUBE: Basics of finding journal articles | Using Ebsco database | How to Find Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

17. OWL Sample MLA paper with notes

NOTES Argument Essay Assignment/ Project-


1. Notes on Persuasion 

2. ProCon topics | more topics

3. Editing form: Persuasive paper 

4. Notes/Guide on Argument

5. Notes on Reasoning

6. Types of periodicals/articles-Peer Reviewed, etc.

7. ID: Popular, Prof/trade, Peer Review Journals

8. Counterargument


10. MLA model of Annotated Bibliography

11. MLA citing and bibliography guide

12. OWL Sample MLA paper with notes

13. Documented Argument Editing Form

14. OnlineDocumentaries  | Top Documentatries (all free) to demonstrate arguments and evidence in videos


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