WR 122  CRN 20867 SPRING 2020

WK 4/14/20    Hi all, My apologies for how slow I am in getting A1 (and now A2) back! The re-presenting, re-imagining, rewriting, etc. our lively face-to-face course has been daunting. At this point, we may not need to use ZOOM or Bb, so I'm not now adding them in to the schedule.

Meanwhile, a more workable plan seems to be allowing a full week to do each A# assignment w/readings and written work. To avoid falling too far behind,
Thursdays at 1PM would be each week's due date, and the posting of the next assignment. However as long as I have each A# in sequence, we will be good!  Let me know if you have questions. With every returned assignment I will include your current grade to that point.   Thanks for your flexibility, Jane


FYI   SYLLABUS   for review as needed: MLA style,  MLA Tutorial youtube MLA template (Optional)  Also see some of our basic sites that will support WR122 OWL site, <(use search bar for specific things) |  UNC Writing handouts, | Writing Commons Text


Week 1--PART 1  to do> 1. By group email (reply all from my emails that included all of you), please send an introduction of yourself.
                              2. A1 "Using  Exploring (basic glossing of) a Word.docx,  gloss the word "argument."  Complete the docx via computer, save it to your flash drive, etc. and send to Jane via COCC email attachment by 8PM WEDNESDAY.
After this first Part of Week 1, we'll see how it goes...;-) jt

Week1  PART 2  DUE by email attachment TUESDAY 4/14/20 by 8PM -- These textual readings are the foundation for the response to the essay you choose for A2   As experienced students, I rely on your motivation to do well, rather entry level busy-work to read these textual supports. (I try to give you all the answers as fast as I can ... :-] 
1 Read 
Notes on Analogy --Sec.1 only Analogic  Reasoning (very formal, perhaps only skim as needed) and | Narrative | Notes on Story quality | e.g.Academic articles on the use of "story." abstracts only? 
2. Then for  A2 "write a personal response (300-500wds) to the Harris OR the Bronowski or Dillard essay as an example of reasoning by analogy. Include examples to show how successful the essay is in making its point. Cite the reading and textual material as needed for appropriate credit and evidence. Use a thematic title (not just a heading...) and underline your single  thesis sentence. ...|  Use standard MLA format ( MLA template (Optional) ) For an over the weekend assignement, this will get us started.  Let me know if you have questions! GO! (And I'll be redoing the course...:-)   jt 

View youtube on Classic Appeals | more on Persuasive Rhetoric OpEds often use Signal Phrases & facts within sentences (often shown as hyperlinks to the evidence) for support, but OpEds don't use parenthetical cites and bibliography. Care with clear in-sentence signal phrases and hyperlinks to the sources will be a common way for writers to avoid plagiarism. OpEds often use a  personal account to give an example of the issue. First-hand experience establishes and conveys powerful and trustworthy knowledge. Review Notes on Story and Analogy/OpEd as needed. To find many kinds of OpEds for analysis, Google a topic+OpEd or just "OpEds.".
A3 READ several OpEds online to find one that you want to "analyze;" look for ones that have references to evidence, signal phrases/links. Copy/paste it into a Word doc and delete any ads. Using highlighting, underlining, text boxes or comments tools, find and label these parts of the argument 1) underline the thesis, [may not be at the beginning...] and 2) identify the main persuasive appeal (all three will likely be present); find and cite evidence from the OpEd to support that. Then, 3) Copy out at least one example of evidence that the oped words as part of a sentence AND any hyperlink to the source.  4  In the same document after the OpEd, in [c.300-500 wds] evaluate the effect/success of the op-ed from your own thinking. Include how it might have been made stronger.  Cite to support your thinking and include a Works Cited for the OpEd, any definitions or other sources. Do include a thematic title (not just a "heading") for your evaluation of the OpEd.
Due by email to Jane by 1PM Thursday of WEEK 3. 


   Thurs  4/23/20
Thurs. 4/23, after turning in A3, work on completing a Topic Exp.=A4  to find a topic you want to write an Op-Ed about--something you have strong feelings about and reasons to support them. You don't have to use exact information/wording from the TopicExp, but it can help make sure you want to use that topic.  Write an 800-900 rough draft of an Op-Ed that uses 3-5 references linked to their source.  Research for facts: COCCdatabases, JStor, Google Scholar, (check reliableweb for identifying reliable sources). State author info, date, place found, worded as part of SENTENCES, NOT in parenthesis. Credit sources fully with Signal Phrases and be sure a reader would know whether each statement is a first person statement from the author, or part of a clear source/authority--i.e. first person "I" or wording to indicate the source. 4/25-- While I know that many instructors and texts do not allow for the use of the first person, it is slowly becoming accepted for this Op-ed sort of writing, and many more formal examples of academic writing (see main page Sec2 #9 for e.g.).   Use the Peer edit form with someone else or just as an editing tool, yourself. Please inform yourself or review as needed: story quality, appeals, counter argument | Signal Phrase handout |  Using Appeals | Notes Persuasive/Op-Ed | Title Ideas  More example Op-Eds: Op-Ed>Humanities | Op-Ed>oil | Op-Ed>Immigration

This assignment should take all seven days until next Thursday 4/30 to work on the rough draft, find sources and use signal phrases to add them as hyperlinks. (See making hyperlinks). Also, try to find an interesting title.... :->

l'm not requiring that everyone should send me a draft of the rough version, but  by Monday or Tues
, I'd love to help anyone who wants some feedback to email a rough draft.
Peer editing
Op-Ed scoring form  | Title Ideas or Google for your theme word+sayings.

rough draft turn in OPT

Finalize  Op-Ed--(Essay 1 and all the stages) as a .zip folder -include background material AND A4 that shows your progress and stages of developing your topic. i.e. any notes, rough draft with peer edit and the Process Writing, | FYI E1/Op-Edscoring form to show how the elements will count.  

Finalize Op-Ed (essay1) be sure you've used signal phrases to introduce sources with live links (hyperlinks) to  those sources and underlined your Thesis Sentence. Turn in the packet/folder by email, Thurs. 4/30/20 by 12:00AM.  Let me know if you need an extention. We have a bit of flexibility as needed. jt

Thurs. Op-Ed


| Notes for  E2 major essay | On Fact/Faith/Belief | Fact or Opinion? video  |Finding, verifying sources:  primary and secondary  Review Notes on ArgumentCritical Thinking | Problem of Skepticism  and Evidence | Confirmation of Evidence | Straw man & Evidence School of Thought  | Fields of Study list | youtube on Finding a Topic     
A5   In c.200-300 wds, (MLA): In your opinion/experience what do you do if you are not able to trust the evidence you find when you must support reasoning with evidence?  Also explore possible Citing web sites APA | APA in-text citing | starting Sites for verifying facts  Peer Reviewed articles, reference works. See Fields of Study list | Fields and Styles| easybib.com | Citation Builder | Writing in differcent fields of study READ: | OWL on research writing | explore possible topics | easybib.com | Citation Builder | Stage 1 journal



COCC peer rev. databases | UNC on Argument Formal Argument On Fact/ Faith/Belief  | Notes for  E2 major essay  Stage 1 journal=A6  | Basic Topic Exp. | Writing in different fields of study |  Stage 1 journal =A6 |

GD to Research questions for Stage 2 journal=A7/8 | Fact or Opinion? video

Refine topic choice | Citation Builder for list of possible sources | GD to Research questions for Stage 2 journal


Continue on with Stage 2 Journal=A7&A8 combined
Finding the topic, re-shaping the thesis | youtube
Research Questions | GD to Research questions for Stage 2 journal | Proposal.docx | If needed, search for templates for documentations styles other than MLA or APA

Annotated Bibliography as guide for citations in Proposal docx | APA sample paper | Database papers will be samples of other documentation styles.
 Review | UNC on Evidence | Evaluation docx |


counter argument  work on Stage 3 journal=A9 | Position Paper Work Page  and  IF NEEDED-- APA sample paper
Building the sequence of material-Collage/Scripting Grid | Position Paper Work Page | MS APA template
Work on organizing draft  - APA sample paper work on A9 PROGRESS Stage 3 Journal


peer edit  on early draft of paper with epigraph/title /conclusion A9 PROGRESS Stage 3  --Conferences on the rough draft  MS APA template | E2 Scoring |  E2 packet needs basic elements as stated on the packet Contents page and all stages A#, any additional notes, drafts, edits, etc. that track how this project developed.
  E2 Scoring   A10 PROGRESS Last Stage Journal


  Digital Packet Contents: Please be sure to label each-- In a new folder titled, "122FinalE2"+yourlastname, add all the material below:
  • The Final Proofed Version of E2 as a Word doc, c. 2500wds (including a bibliography [Not the annotated bibliography] in your doc.style.--
  • One unfinished draft of E2 and
    • the completed peer editing form
  • Stage 1 journal--corrected
  • Stage 2 journal--corrected
  • Stage 3 journal (unfinished draft above will count as part 3 of this journal)
  • Any other notes, additional topic explorations, exercises,  peer edits, other developing materials, etc. Hand written notes can be phone-scanned and included.
  • Lastly, include a comprehensive (c.300wd.) Process Writing for E2 and the class overall.
To ready the folder: In Windows, right click that folder and choose "send to compressed folder." In iOS, right click the folder and choose  "compress  "122FinalE2.........."  Then attach that .zip file to your email to me.  PLEASE STAY SAFE AND WELL!


All materials developed or complied by Jane Thielsen ę copyright 2020: other materials available under Fair Use guidelines for students in this course only: all rights reserved