WR 122
Argument, Research and Multimodal Composition

Jane Thielsen, M.A.I.S.
Central Oregon Community College
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Winter 2022 

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This is a course that will investigate issues, mysteries, evaluate evidence and present compelling findings. One of the great challenges of our time is determining what is fact and what is fiction in the information around us. I'm not sure that there are really absolutes in those issues and that is why we must dig and examine and determine the best answers.

This is a great opportunity to become more agile thinkers and competent users of the methods to present powerful ideas. Students in "my" past sessions of WR122, usually come away energized about the material they have unearthed and the focus they have taken. 

Because I am teaching this course on short notice, I may be learning/navigating Zoom and updating the materials as needed. So please bear with me as we go. Please advise me of things you already know about Zooming! For even more solidified information we will also use my open internet web site: classfolios.org (Links to an external site.)  click on the WR122 link to go to the class page and and assignments.

Thanks for being part of this adventure!

Jane Thielsen

FORMAL Course Description: WR 122, Argument, Research, and Multimodal Composition (4 credits), continues the focus of WR 121 in its review of rhetorical concepts and vocabulary, in the development of reading, thinking, and writing skills, along with metacognitive competencies understood through the lens of a rhetorical vocabulary. Specifically, students will identify, evaluate, and construct chains of reasoning, a process that includes an ability to distinguish assertion from evidence, recognize and evaluate assumptions, and select sources appropriate for a rhetorical task. Students will employ a flexible, collaborative, and appropriate composing process, working in multiple genres, and utilizing at least two modalities.

This course meets remotely from 10:15-12:05pm. Our Zoom meetings will be held here: https://cocc.zoom.us/j/3666207824?pwd=UE5BelNBQ29WQlUwb1FzcWs3UDNjdz09

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