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These dates and assignments are subject to change: check often.
 A#= Assignment number    DUE FOLLOWING CLASS --
Add 5 words to glossary per week.





intros—course docs—MLA style, MLA Tutorial youtube computer tutorials, MLA template, e.g. "basic computer skills" | Listening Notes for this focus: The Personal is Universal -- Please have a flash drive you can save work to.

 Write-(on computer) Tell about a place you love or someone you deeply admire, and give examples or experiences that show what you mean. Bring the paper document to next class...or on a flash drive to print


--Discuss assignment | Reading-based Writing | Glossary form | Main Idea | Annotating text| --| Reading-based Writing |  Improving reading skills (1hr-Opt.)

A1 Read print-out of Ortiz -Mother's room. Write in margin, or highlight, the main idea of each paragraph.


 Notes on Description | Desc.exercise  | Ortiz room desc.

Re-Read Notes on Description  Bring in an object for Desc.exercise A2 next class |add 5 words to glossary for Wk 2


discuss Desc. ex. A2 |Read Teresa Jordan--excerpt: the bull and do a reading journal entry as it is an example of Essay 1--Topic Exploration Form & Brainstorming to help develop  a topic.

 Write-Topic Exploration Form A3 for E1 explaining/telling about a personal experience where someone learns something |Personal Essays Gd 


discuss assign.. A2 , CATCH up--review Topic Exploration Form(Req.)A3   & Brainstormingthen Narration |structure| outlining| review reading journal for use with  Teresa Jordan--excerpt: the bull & LBarry -(Add in to reading journal commentary what you think the people learned and how) as these two are examples of Essay 1 | then read & discuss full circle writing |

Work on Topic Exploration Form A3 |Then begin early written version of A4 : a personal descriptive/ narrative essay explaining/telling about a personal experience where someone learns something for Essay1-


Read Harden--My Old Manwith reading journal --Add what you think the son learned and how. Review A4 | sentence structure/punctuation as needed. [poem translating exercise]

revise  A4 and Glossary page


Work on A4   | In-class, write c.250wds on how  the 5-6 readings to date fit our theme: “What is most personal is most universal.” List the titles of readings to date and briefly write how each supports the theme.  A4 

Revise A4   and  glossary page to date.


Submit Essay1 packet A4 -with finished version of Essay1 including glossary page to date, journal writing about readings, peer edits, process witing.
Discuss next writing--E2 750+ wds MLA using 2-3 sources to support thesis. Notes for this Paper |OWL guide for Expository essays--review topics from main page links (or other approved topic) Thesis sentences & thesis

Do a  A5 for writing on a possible  topics from main page links (or another approved topic): and in a separate paragraph, explain your personal understanding and opinion of that topic in 200 wds, (MLA format) probably an expansion of TopicLoop parts 5 & 6.--- add 5 vocabulary wds to glossary (not for turn-in yet). Notes- Explaining


Print out the E1 draft. Questions about draft issues. Trade drafts and  Peer edit. Conference about drafts, questions.  As needed review Paragraphs, Sentence Rx| Notes on Sentence Errors | Review E1 Packet.
Finish E1 Packet
10/20 Hand in E1 packet
Review Notes on Education, People and Place
Choose one question to think and write about. No formal research
is needed. Simply put into words what you know already about the possible answer(s) to the question. 


 Cover the Thesis: youtubes:- 5(+) paragraph essay help | -tips on the Introduction | Body paragraphs | how to ID Credible Sources | UNC Writing handouts | Citation makers-use manual entry only- Citation Producer  

Review Notes on Expository  |  on  A6   .  | youtubes:- 5(+) paragraph essay help | -tips on the Introduction | Body paragraphs | how to ID Credible Sources Identify 2-3 credible, outside sources to use from your list -- add 5 vocabulary words to glossary 


Thesis Review |  Review sample essay |review OWL guide for Expository  | sample GD to outline |(opt) peer edit  on rough draft (=A7 Proofing Gd.| UNC Writing handouts |OWL on MLA citing| or KnightCite | Citation Producer Use MANUAL ENTRY only| For Turn-in of Final Version NEXT CLASS: 750wds.+ Works Cited, any peer edits, A5,A6, A7, Glossary to date, Process writing

MLA formatting tutorial incl. Works Cited sample GD outlinereview video demo of making a thesis | video demo of making a thesis for exp./informative | more exp.help | Review Notes on Giving Credit [for each source fill in the information, then "enter," copy/paste citation to your Works Cited page, arrange A-Z, all 2x spacing, then select all, go to "Paragraph" in Word & choose> Special> hanging...


sample essay| sample GD outline |review of exp.writing | |OWL/MLA on citing at page bottom, KnightCite  peer edit | Conferences on E2, problem solve, sample outline | (FYI--Scoring form)
Read Westover excerpt, and complete a Reading journal and 2-part Response template: for this reading


 Proofing Gd.| For Turn-in of Final Version E2: 750wds.,Works Cited, peer edits, A5,A6, A7, Glossary to date, Process writing | Education Segment/unit 
  2-part Response template:  Notes on persuasive essay |


WORK on A8-Planning the Paper| discuss search for topic- Topic Exploration Form | Signal Phrases |Notes on persuasive essay|

work on A8-  Do Planning the Paper for  Topic Exploration Form to use for- A8-Planning the Paper Review Notes on persuasive essay--800-900wds-persuasive essay  800-900wds-


Sentence error review | UNC handouts | Start a Works Cited list= A9  Review Works Cited and parenthetical cites to those sources | What to cite | How to cite

Start/modify the working WORKS CITED =A9  as needed  [KnightCite ]to match signals phraLooseses and add MLA parenthetical cites for evidence in essay. 


Topic support: current issues in education | Choose and print out Op-ed for Analysis op-ed Topic Exploration Form on possible topic.

Continue working on  A10 = Draft of--750-900 wds, with 2+ sources written in to sentences + cites for peer edit  Proofing Gd.| BRING DRAFT TO NEXT CLASS  Peer edit on Persuasion/op-ed  


—discuss issues/problems | REVIEW sentence errors, citing, etc. for final. Notes on persuasive essay

work on and polish [Proofing Gd.] final draft, draft from peer edit(s),pre-write/loop ex. A8,9,10+voc.w/50 words, process writing - Paper Scoring  Notes on persuasive essay

10 11/22

Peer edit on Persuasion/op-ed catch up, review Notes on persuasive essay work on Final version essay with final draft, draft from peer edit(s), pre-write/loop ex. A8,9,10+voc.w/50 words, Process writing


Peer edit or Turn in paper

review Notes on persuasive essay


Review sentences, etc. Turn in paper or at Final exam time review / edits FINAL-example
Reading example Review /catch-up
12/1 Review sentences, etc. Turn in paper or at Final exam time review / edits FINAL-example
Reading example Review /catch-up


Finals TIME- 6p.m.
  last day to turn-in last essay

Graded Short Assignments

Graded essays  Essay1 Essay2  

A1  -Read -Ortiz -Mother's room and find main ideas

A2    do Desc. exercise on an object you choose. add 5 words to glossary; 

A3    Topic Exploration Form for E1  

A4 = rough draft of E1 Essay-1= Packet due: explaining/telling about a personal experience-500 wds

A5 Loop Exercise   for Essay 2 (Explaining and Taking a Position on a topic and add 2 sources)

A6   Planning the Paper

A7  Rough draft of E2

A8 -Do Planning the Paper  on possible topic for  Position essay-E2-750-900wds

A9  Start a Works Cited list

A10 Draft of E2 --750-900 wds, with 2+ sources taking a position on a controversial topic

 Essay 2  Expository/Position paper on a using 2 sources

 Glossary form with 5 wds/week = 50 entries

This work should be presented as a Portfolio in a 3 prong paper folder by week 11

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