WR65 Rhetoric/Critical Thinking II
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wk class in-class activity/material to do> Assignment (written work due) for next class --
1 M
intros, docs MLA class template -- MLA style | Search for the idea of "heroism," and the formal definition of "hero," and view Joseph Campbell and the The Hero's Journey" And Starwars | Campbell interview and transcript

to do for
Write: A1 Type 250 wds.on what you already know about WWII and about the Native American experience since European arrivals. (for turn-in hard copy next class) Use MLA class template , avoid using "you," but no formal citing is needed. This is personal writing--not formal. but it must be typed...
Discuss assignment -- Turn in A1- --review in-text citing, quotes, etc. and as needed Integrating source info.in-text MLA | YouTube tutorial on in-text citing--MLA(new) | another in-text tutorial |FYI-Signal Phrase chart   | Narration/Story/ Description (ND) | All but my Life  | Reading Journal template (use the reading journal to note what 5 sense data catches your attention, vocab. etc.)          to do> READ-Notes Narration Description  (ND)    Read-- 2 Part response | Write, using:  2-part response template focusing on the Narr.Desc.  qualities and heroic elements in the writing All but my Life  A2   -support w/evidence/references from Weissmann text. Define any words you aren't sure of. List them as you find them in the reading journal with a brief dictionary definition OR at the end of the response.  
2 M
|Discuss assignment-- review Notes on Reading Journals and partner/small groups | Turn in A2 - -review in-text citing, quotes, etc. and as needed Integrating source info.in-text MLA | YouTube tutorial on in-text citing--MLA(new) | another in-text tutorial |FYI-Signal Phrase chart    Define "catharsis"  in reading journal.    Read the transcript  George Lucas Mythology interview  with the Reading Journal.
to do
Read:  Zookeeper's Wife excerpts= A|Use the Reading-Journal as you read -- see> (select one row and merge the cells to enter the name of this new reading) to write a 2 Part response & template that focuses on: any heroic qualities and five sense data you can find in this reading. Give names, evidence and reasoning. Define any words you may not be sure of.
 discuss reading, partner journals on reading/writing focus, then turn in  A3   Nicolas Winton links | Notes on Expository Essay 1  to do>  Read The Power of Good-- Story of Nicolas Winton What heroic elements and ND data can you find in this reading, Give names, evidence and reasoning---define vocabulary  
College Closed: MLK Day; But, do Reading journals on reading focus The Power of Good--Story of Nicolas Winton and review other Winton links on main page section III 8 and 9 | rev. Notes on Expository (for Essay1)  review COCC databases
to do>
 2-part response (MLA template)  A4 On Winton material, (esp. heroic elements and ND data) use reading journal to help-- Define any  unknown words. AND think about some issues or topics to investigate & write about, regarding heroes. 
turn in A4    | define xenophobia | discuss this focus question: What enables someone to choose to put him or her self at risk to help others? review heroic qualities: Topic Exp.+ Notes on Full Circle Writing  site for  Heroes of WWII     Notes on Expository (for Essay1)
to do> Notes on Full Circle Writing Write a 500+wd. draft identify/ l Notes on Expository (for Essay1) ist 2-3 possible sources.  Finding good sources  | COCC databases | Topic Exp. -find a starting thesis sentence in Part 6
suggestions fo E1 topic : Heroes of WWII   and Search for:  The Ghost Army | How Gen. Patton Saved Lipizzaner Horses, and more??
4 M
Expand draft  Notes on Expository (for Essay1) to 700-750wds. and id. at least 2 sources for support.--Types of periodicals/ articles-Peer Reviewed, etc | GoogleBks/ periodicals | JStor.org | Thesis guidelines |  to do> Complete a final Topic Exp. for  A5  -- JStor.org | GoogleBks/periodicals- | Thesis guidelines  | Bring a rough draft of E1 Notes on Expository (for Essay1) to next class for peer edit.  Signal Phrases1
Work on E1 essay, sources, Citation Producer - Citation Builder | conference on draft-- peer edit --
Next class Turn in E1, a draft, peer edit,  A5 and Process writing
to do> Finalize E1-WWII/hero paper-- scoring form "-Review Thesis guidelines
5 M
Turn in E1 packet: the final version, an early draft, a peer edit,  A5 and Process writing.  Review general basics of Native American Genocide
No written assignment, but search for some background of Native American populations before European arrival.
 A6 - DO 2-part response w/citing to Genocide in America
work on using Signal Phrases 
6 M
review and discuss A6 | review using Signal Phrases2 | |easybib.com | Survey:

to do> integrating sources into a draft as authoritative evidence
--DO 2-part response w/citing A7 to What US Founding Fathers Learned from NA
Work on/finish A7 --2-part response w/citing to What US Founding Fathers Learned from NA | Review integrating sources into a draft and citing.  Watch A National Focus on Atrocity

to do> Do 2-part response A8 to  A National Focus on Atrocity

Citation Machine | Knightcite | Signal Phrases1 | Signal Phrases 2

7 M
 Discuss A8 and turn in |   Read Abstract of "Treatment of NA and What Nazi May Have Learned"  &  How America's History of
 Slavery and Genocide Inspired Nazi Plans and use Reading-Journal (Template) to navigate this this assignment
to do> Work on A9 - a 2-part response w/citing >> on the Abstract of "Treatment of NA and What Nazi May Have Learned"  &  How America's History of  Slavery and Genocide Inspired Nazi Plans --
Discuss A9  then A9pt2 300wds--Which essay do you believe and why? Support with evidence cited from the essays. Practice signal phrases and citing. to do> Finish A9 part 2
  • Chief Seattle's Speech- most authentic version | Campbell transcript version  |  Chief Seattle's Reply |

  • and  Blessings and Curses.. | Teaching Kids re: Genocide
    to do   A10 Blessings and Curses... and do a 2 Part response w/citing to that article.


    Discuss A10  and  the Hero's Journey in the context of WWII and Native American losses to prepare for Essay 2: a 1000wd paper, w/ 3-5 sources (1-2 peer reviewed) on some  facet of NA:    a hero, heroic action (by anyone) about NA or the experience of Native Americans. Include as relevant Campbell's elements of the heroic journey 

    to do> E2   Try some of these Brain-storming ideas to identify possible topics. Bring in at least 2-3 possible topics--make notes as needed. Do  a Topic Exp. on the topic focus you want. Check Google searches, etc. and  COCC peer rev databases to find possible sources for evidence for most likely topic. Copy/paste information on best ones in notes or reading journal.     More on finding databases:
    For Peer Reviewed sources > COCC databases  >  All databases > Academic Search Premier (be sure to check the boxes for "Full Text " and "Peer Reviewed") FYI: Searching on Google Scholar  may not return enough articles on-topic.
    9 M

    do a Topic Exp. on your topic and from Part 6, make a working thesis

    More E2 TOPIC ideas: For NA heroes search for Chief Joseph, Sacagawea, war chiefs, recent NA heroes like Russell Means, events like the Lakota pipeline, cultural heritage, and lots more--just search! 

    Basic Paper Builder Worksheet |
    Position Paper Work Page.docx
    to do>
  • Position Paper Work Page.docx   WITH a working list of sources. 1-2 must be PEER REVIEWED.

  • W

    refine the-Topic Exp.  | Position Paper Work Page.docx to do> research sources
    10 M

    Workshop day --peer edit  Proofing Gd.   | scoring form| Final study guide |
    Comma Splices/Fused Sentences  More sentences review  
    to do>     research sources

    Bring draft -peer edit of  E2  grammar, punctuation, etc. scoring form |  Final study guide | Comma Splices/Fused Sentences | More sentences review | Citing Practice  | End of Term REQUIRED WR65 Survey
      work on paper

    Finalize E2--Study for exam   Final study guide|

    Turn in  E2 including Final and rough draft, completed peer edit, completed TopicExp and Position Paper Work Page, Process writing ( + any other evidence of paper development           Final Exam  W 1PM-3PM
    Instead, assemble a digital "packet" of the final, corrected paper and ALL developing materials for E2.  Phone-scan any hand written notes, etc. and include them in the packet. BE SURE to include a comprehensive
    Process Writing for the last paper development and the class as a whole. This should be grouped in one folder titled "65FINAL+your last name." Right-click the folder and click the choice to "compress" or "zip" the folder.  Send the zipped folder "packet" via COCC email--not Bb--to: jthielsen@cocc.edu by mid-night of the finalexam date: W 3/18/20. Grades will be posted in Bobcat by 3/26/20,  Stay well and safe!

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